About XMTV Player

In the beginning was the need for a player.

It should be working on Android devices, be able to play different movie and still image formats, online streams and stream lists. During my search for such a player I checked several players and no one was able to do all the things I need, was too heavy, or too uncomfortable to use.

So I decided to write one.

As it is well known that the wheel and the warm water are already invented it was not needed to reinvent them again. So I started to play with ffmpeg-based project named Vitamio, (seems they also came to the idea for the wheel :-)).

During my work on it I found that in the Internet users publish a lot of TV streams. As a person who do not stay nonstop in front of my desktop/laptop computer (and not at home at all) I found that ability to watch my favorite TV channels where I can find WiFi hotspot (or even on cellphone operator’s 3G) is quite useful.  So I decided to add functionality to the player to support TV Channels packages.

And it happened..

Dear users, I present at your attention the XMTV player.

XMTV Player on google play

Disclaimer: XMTV Player by its own does not provide any media files or streams.  You either must own access to all audio and video files through a legal way. XMTV Player team  will not assist or be held responsible for any way you obtain your media files. The plugins available for download here contain streams that are listed as free to use, public domain, or are provided by users, who should take their responsibility about content they provided.

At XMTVPlayer we value your privacy highly and do not collect any personal information. To give you the best XMTVPlayer experience we require some permissions on your device.

Photos/Media/Files (Allow player to access media files in your device (play them))
Record audio (Record audio is used to enable audio visualization chart. (http://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/audiofx/Visualizer.html))
Wi-Fi connection information (Check how you are connected and warn if you watch internet stream and reconnect to mobile connection that may cost you money depend your subscription plan of mobile operator)
receive data from Internet (Allow XMTV Player to have internet access)
run at startup (eneble app to receive notification about shared stream)
prevent device from sleeping (hold your phone awake during playback)

DMCA: If you believe that a plugin infringes your rights please feel free to contact us.

For questions, ideas, bug report  please use forum

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