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Microsoft announced a net profit of + 5.86 billion dollars

Microsoft announced a net profit of + 5.86 billion dollars for the second fiscal quarter of 2014, taking into account the decline of 10% on annual basis.
The revenues of the American technology giant have risen by 8 percent, from 24,52 billion dollars a year earlier to 26,47 billion, surrendered the world agencies, quoted by BNA.
The results that generally correspond to the expectations of analysts, reflect the costs of restructuring, closure of the jobs and the acquisition of the Nokia last year, as well as a slowdown in sales of Office software.
The latter is due to the shift of consumers from traditional software packages to the so-called. cloud services,notes the DPA.
Naked e mite jumps in sales of tablets and Smartphones Surface Lumia however are pushed quarterlyearnings above expectations, the associated press and AFP.
Last week, Microsoft unveiled its latest Windows operating system 10, whose consumer version will probablyappear later in the year.
iphone 6

Samsung will supply chipsets for iPhone

About 75% of the processors that will feed the next generation iPhone will be delivered by Samsung.
It says South Korean‘s Maeil Business Newspaper, which cited an anonymous source from the industry reported GSMarena.

While there is no data for the financial side of the deal, as well as which other companies besides Samsung willsupply the processors, report of Reuters reported that the South Korean company will produce chips at the factory in Austin, Texas.

Namely the Samsung was the company behind the A7 SoC, which was powering the iPhone launched byApple, 5s in 2013.

Subsequently, Apple decided to use the Taiwan TSMC for the development of iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus.


PayPal will not serve customers in Crimea, Google stops services

American payment system PayPal announced today that stops to serve customers on the territory of Crimea.Google will limit the number of their services on the peninsula.
As a global company providing financial services, we are doing everything possible to uphold the law around the world. At the same time, we are obliged to constantly provide our customers a high level of service.Unfortunately we can’t provide their services to customers in the Crimea. We offer apologies for any inconvenience associated with this, “says the message.
The payment system PayPal is a subsidiary of the American company for online commerce and eBay allows you to pay bills and make purchases in online stores.
Currently, PayPal has over 100 million active users in 190 countries around the world and works with 25 world currencies.
Google restricts access to a number of Google services
The restrictions affect online advertising services Google AdWords and the Google AdSense program, as the company is forbidden to pay anyone in the Crimea, which is now technically impossible, because many international banks have stopped payments, shared source from the company in front of TASS.
From February 1, the restrictions will affect the applications Google Play, as the uploading of applicationsconsidered for export. Retain access to free services like Google search, Gmail and mail map service.
Recently, the United States and the EU introduced sanctions against the Crimea. As we are an American company, we are obliged to obey them, indicated by the press service of the company.
Google will offer wireless Internet

WSJ: Google will offer wireless Internet

The American technology giant Google is preparing to offer a service for wireless access to the Internet, writesin the Wall Street Journal.
According to sources of the release, Google will begin to carry out those plans, after concluding the relevant agreements with the big American telecommunications company Sprint and with the European T-Mobileforward TASS, quoted by BNA.
A similar move by Google probably will force other companies offering wireless Internet, to lower prices andimprove the quality of the relationship, noted the Wall Street Journal.
Amazon Studio

Amazon will shoot movies

E-commerce site Amazon announced that in 2015 will be dealing with the production and distribution of feature films.
In the plans of Amazon Studios is a production of up to 12 “upscale” movie a year, reported the associated press and Variety, quoted by BNA.

Head of Department for creative development of the Studio, who will deal with new projects, has been appointed Director and producer Ted Hope.

Amazon’s announcement followed shortly after another giant of the Internet industry Netflix shall inform about their work simultaneously on several movie projects, including four movie with Adam Sandler in the lead role, as well as for the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Amazon recently started production of television serials. The triumph of produciraniâ from the Internet giant series “Transparent” at the Golden Globe Awards illustrate the disappearance of the border between the Internet and television, AFP.

And last week, one of the greatest contemporary directors Woody Allen announced that he would capture his first TV series for Internet video service on Amazon.

xiaomi mi note

Xiaomi makes plans to deliver up to 15 million in 2015 Mi notes

China manufacturers delivered a great job in 2014. Half of the top 10 devices are from China manufacturers.  Xiaomi has ranked top 10 for two years.  The shipment of China smartphones increased every year and being more and more important in mobile device industry.

MI Note runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 2.5 Ghz 801 quad-core CPU and Adreno GPU 330.It offers a 5.7-inch 1080 p display, 3 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB of internal memory. On the other hand, the MI Pro packs a more powerful 64-bit Snapdragon 810, and has a 5.7-inch Quad HD display. It comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal memory by default.

The news comes just days after a leading Chinese Smartphone player who has also become the world’s third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the 3 quarter of last year, announced the E note and Mi Note phablets. However, it is not yet clear whether the score in both KGI device model.

KGI Investment Advisory consulting firm predicts that Xiaomi ship from 13 to 15 million Mi Notes this year, and reaches maximum level between March and may the company also expects that the production company to experience obstacles to starting a few months before the release of the captured from 1 up to 2000000 units per month.

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