Creating quality software is not an easy task thing by default. When it comes to an app for mobile devices that is distributed globally other problems can arise.. at least we don’t know all the world languages 🙂

So we would like to ask you for some help – if you understand English and other language(s), have the time and will to contribute, please lend a hand here about translation of XMTV Player messages.

If you wish to get involved into this please fill the contact form  and tell us which language(s) you want to translate to.  Please put “Translate” in the subject line and we will send you back message file and additional instructions.

For now we have:

– English
– Spanish (by ricklomeli)
– Turkish (BIG thanks, Nassat!)
– Bulgarian (by Creeping Death)
– Arabic
– Italian
– Portuguese
– Portuguese
– Crotian (ny Josip Prekratić)

Here also is the place to thank to solibachamya for the great articles in the site!

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