XMTV Player IPTV 2018.1.21 is available for download for:
Android ARM and Intel based CPU Arch

XMTV Player supports the following architectures
armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86


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We wanted to thank everyone who was involved in this project and send reports to us! 

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 20 Feb 2018
– added support to CFDDS video streams
– added support to 302VOD
– fixed some minor bugs
– updated x86 video libraries



 19 Jan 2018
– changed package name if you use Intent to call player need to update package class in your code- fixed bug when try to load large local play list- support of old app versions will be depricated on 19 Feb 2018to prevent data loose pls before uninstall old version make your backup and restore it into new app
Android 6.x
Android 5.x
Android 4.x
Latest changes
– video engine
– optimized loading speed
– support to NoxBit Streaming engine (nb://[stream id])
– updated video engine with latest ffmpeg build ( better support of fullhd videos )
– fixed issues with OS Android 7.x
– disabled chat on instant run streams. ( via link or via Intent from other apps )
– added arm64-v8a support
– compatible with NVIDIA Shield
– fixed text relocations in native libs.
– fixed loading playlist from pastebinlinks
– optimized engine to use all cpu cores
– all tasks now are running in parallel mode which should fix some deadlocks
– fixed other small issues Beta chat feature
– fixed missing keybord on chat dialog on some devices. Beta chat feature
– added anonymous chat feature – no registration required (access from main menu or from video controls while you are watching video)
– fixed some small issues
– optimized video engine2.0.10.51
– fixed issue with error loading playlists from dropbox links
– fixed screen keep on if you playing movie and press HOME button.
– optimized loading speed of huge playlists
Added in [Settings] section:
– functionality to Backup/Restore FAVORITES and EPG content. Backup file is saved in root of SDCARD. After clearing data for this app you can restore them. DO NOT rename the backup file!!!
– name to logo recognition Enable/Disable and recognition sensitivity (if enabled) setting is available. You can disable it to conserve traffic.
– fixed brightness control
– fixed bug related with Android 7.0 Nougat
bug description:
– Android Nougat PopupWindow
– fixed some streaming providers.
– fixed some bugs
– optimized xhls engine
– added option to dynamic add url parameters during URI request
– added support for loadbalanced/distributed streams fixed subtitle support on Android 6.x.
– added support of RTMP for Android 6.x on Intel x86 based devices.
– updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1s/1.0.2g, fix for “logjam” and CVE-2015-3194.
– updated location of AceStream now point to playstore if engine is not installed on device.- if you install (update is mandatory) this fix BUG with httphost. Added option to use com.acestream.engine or (Ace Stream Media (Beta) from playstore)- updated “mMedia – ONE by AOL” Ad library with latest version (required by mMedia)Released XMTV Player version
– fixed issue with some providers which cause drop connection on every 20-30 sec.Released XMTV Player version optimized cache usage
– fixed problem with Android 5.+ devices with Intel CPU x3 and x5 series.
– if you have trouble with a device you can go to About section and tap “Send Report”, which will generate e-mail with more detailed device data from build.prop file of your device.Released XMTV Player version – not mandatory
– Added option to support session state
– Fixed m3u list parser (crash if EXTINF contain invalid media lenght)Released XMTV Player version – not mandatory
– Added Croatian language, thanks to Josip Prekratić for translation.
Released XMTV Player version
– pass codec info to XMTVCast to enable more accurate container format
– added some option to retry connection if there is some problem to retrieve it at first time
– validete http-headers, pass only valid ones based on RFC
Released XMTV Player version
– Fixed some minor issues with some servers, optimized communication bandwidth.
– Fixed xhls header issue
– Added support for EPG by manual loading files in XMLTVformat
– Added supoort to ACE Streams (ace:// acestream:// torrent://, pass-thru m3u8 over ACE Engine)
– AceStream Engine must be installed separately (Instuction and download you can find here );
– Added supoort for sites which require reCaptcha.
– Optimized and extended HLS support (fixed some missing headers in http requests)
– tuned aceengine loading cycle (removed 1 min timeout, show stream status – bandwidth, progress and count of active peers,streams)

For changelog or older versions please visit downloads archive.

!!! Important!
If you download an APK from this site you must allow installation from  “unknown sources”. This option is (usually) located in Settings  -> Security section on your Android device.

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