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– optimized autoupdate apk process
– fixed issues
– added new supported servers Release
– optimized streaming servers (fast connect)
– fixed support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow
– added filter which send to chromecast only playable content, now you can cast on your chromecast MKV, DivX Plus HD, HLS and local files.
– just keep updated to latest version of player and XMTVCast app.
– fixed some stability issues
– added support for AES128 encryption on HLS-m3u8 streams
– added support for stream logo in m3u list
added basic support for Google ChromeCast devices. This functionality is available by XMTV Cast plugin (requires XMTV Player version or later to work!)
– fixed major bug
– fixed VideoLib on Android 5.0 Issue
– added section for local videos;
– added new streaming servers support
– grid playlist re-desing
– added bbcode for Title
[color green]sample[/color] set text color
[p]sample[/p] – add new line after
[h1]sample[/h1] – set text size options are h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6
– added play list now can be shown as Grid or List
– fixed auto negotiation HLS-m3u8
– fixed issue that occures sometimes app to hangs on Android 5.x
– fixed some multitasking issues
– fixed app hang on some stream providers when their streams are offline
– URL in playlist is now hidden when it is loaded from web link as m3u file Release 2015-10-09
– fixed support of some streaming servers
– added new VOD server support
– fixed some issues which cause app to crash Release 2015-10-05
– some new stuffs (just for test) Release 2015-10-02
– optimized server connections
– added option to force video signal Release 2015-10-01
– fixed: app hang during some streams.
– fixed: igrore fake close request on some rtmp streams (reported by bmike21) Release 2015-09-30
– added new swiss supported servers Release 2015-09-29
– added new supported servers Release 2015-09-29
– Added s.y streaming server
– Added $http-token=generatedtoken as httphost option to provide site authentication
– more information you can find in advanced section Release 2015-09-27
– fixed some servers which pass static ip for connection (bug has been reported by Roberto. Thanks). Release 2015-09-26
–  fixed m3u8 hls with | or xhls option (bug which broke original url)
– Added version + name in about fragment
–  Added DeviceInfo and option to send email with device configuration (for bug report)
–  Added Channel icon detection from lingsat (use channel name from lingsat site)
–  Fixed Wrong CPU device detection on some ASUS Memopad devices
–  Added p2p cast decoding with httphost and xhls Release 2015-09-09
–  fixed m3u8 hls video with bandwidth options user-agent bug
–  EXTVLCOPT Accept normal and encoded data
–  user-agent must be passed as encoded string (only if passed in one row)
–  keep screen on during video connection
– fixed issue if turn off screen during stream loading Release 2015-09-05
– optimized support for streaming servers
– y.o.t.v
– stream watch (rtmp and hls) – iframe type not supported
– first one tv
– z.a.t.i
stream player Release 2015-08-10
– fixed – if referrer is not defined in httphost:// stop submitting referrer=””.
– fixed failure to get correct screen resolution in Stretch mode
– fixed inability to get proper bandwidth if m3u8 URL has  302 redirect
– optimized support for streaming servers
– added Russian translation Night Build 2015-08-09
– fixed url m3u8 302 redirect with bandwidth support. Night Build 2015-08-08
– optimized/fixed support for streaming servers
– mipsplayer,castalba,embed-tv,embeducaster
– http 302 redirect still not stable (fix is in progress) Night Build 2015-07-30
– fixed minor issues
– optimized/fixed support for streaming servers Night Build 2015-07-17
– fixed bug about Add to favorites button does not show Night Build 2015-07-15
– added new streaming servers support Night Build 2015-07-14
– fixed bug reported by MAXIM Night Build 2015-07-14
– fixed stability on slow network
– show connection state during establishing connection
– optimized app size
– added new streaming servers support
– added xhls flag to support more http headers
– fixed server support
– fixed HLS, EXTVLCOPT options
This release includes all changes in version and plus a fix about that when device is rotated and after unsuccessful channel load playlist is not visible  and app looks like hung:
– HLS support for EXT-X-STREAM-INF tag – when more than one stream with different bitrate is available for that channel this adjustment in settings allows you to set a limit which causes app to select the closest to that limit bitrate available.
– added auto retry on connection lost
– added option in Settings that allows you to force show of playlist when Back is clicked instead of exiting or asking to click Back one more time to exit.
– fixed Lazy IPTV stream change.
– added new httphost supported servers.
– fixed  some crashes if httphost is used.
– fixed
– added a button that exits video playback and sens you in the app.
This release includes all changes from version to plus fix about saving  VOD current position  Night Build (10.06.2015)
– added support for nowvideo video –
– fixed VOD save/restore time position  Night Build (09.06.2015)
– Improved compatibility with some Video servers platforms
– Improved load balancing lookup for servers which support it
– added support for hosted video link – httphost://$http-raw=[URL]$http-refferer=URL]
– added support for vimeo video –
– added support for dailymotion –
– fixed some Turkish untranslated labels  – thanks to NASSAT for help  Night Build (18.05.2015) – Android 4.x and up
– added handler for URLs like <a href=”xmtv://base64encoded url”> or <a href=”xmtv://base64encoded url$base64encoded Title”>
– fixed some untranslated labels
– added support for new streaming servers
– added French and Brazil translations
– fixed M3U parser to get correct title in extended EXTINF format:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”id2″ tvg-name=”Historia” tvg-logo=”logo1″ group-title=”Group 1″,Title
– Minor bug fixes
– added Arabic Translation
– added Portuguese Translation
– added Italian Translation
– added: save scale preference when you rotate device, keep separate scale option for portrait and landscape
– added Turkish translation
– added Spanish translation
– added Bulgarian translation
– added m3u extension to read #EXTVLCOPT
– fixed m3u URL redirection
– fixed audio continue to play on device sleep by power button
– fixed audio continue to play when phone rings for incoming call or SMS
– fixed audio continue to play when incoming call is answered
– fixed streaming files with broken Variant Playlist – m3u8
– tuned up url optimization process
ceased support for all Android  pre – 4.0 devices !!! (20.03.2015)

– Fixed problem with .m3u8 that appeared in last version
– Added wait cursor during stream pre-processing (17.03.2015) – has a bug with some m3u8 streams! please update to

– Added filter for search in playlist

– Fixed bug that caused adding favorites with empty name in favorites list
– Improved compatibility for .m3u8 URLs (16.02.2015)

– New streaming server sites compatibility
– Update native libs on firmware update
– Rename Favorite items with hold longclick
– Allow to add M3U playlist to favotite items (local or http)
– Added support to YuMe video ads
– Fixed issue with streams which required SSL connection on Android 5.0 Lollipop
– Minor fixes on user interface
– Optimized software and hardware decoding (23.12.2014)


– Added support to Lollipop 5.0 devices with ARM (armeabi/armeabi-v7a) & Intel x86 Architecture, all native libraries are optimized for ASRL.
– Fixed bugs when resuming app after “Clear Memory” function being used
– Improved compatibility when connecting to some types of streams (12.12.2014)

– Added support for URLs, formatted like http://$OPT:http-raw=url [http-user-agent=someagent] [referer=somevalue]
http://url[$OPT:[http-user-agent=someagent] [referer=somevalue]]
– Added support for VAST 2.0 video Ads
– Added options to hide Share and Favorite buttons – available when player is called from external apps
– Added option to hide Buffer status line – available from Settings and when player is called from external apps
– Added option to exit from player with single click of Back button
– Added option in Settings to force RGBA8888 color space (use with care, preferably on fast devices!)
– Fixed proper handling of channels in IPTV app – XMTV Player is now listed in app chooser when a channel is played
– Fixed issue causing exception on devices without installed Google+ (13.11.14)

– Added option to load playlist (M3U) files from web URL
– Added show URL/Path Option on M3U playlist
– Added button for manual video rotation
– Fixed incorrect handling of UTF-8 files with Byte Order Mark
– Fixed lock orientation method (04.11.14)

– add: plugins interface for content delivery
– add: child lock feature
– add: monetization feature in API interface and plugins (banner ads)
– add: allowed SD-card install (preferred install location)
– fix: CPU Architecture detection on some Intel based devices (libhoudini fix)
– fix: issues with untouchable controls while playing files and VOD content
– improved HW decoder .

fix issue with some Intel Atom based devices that uses houdini library (Intel to ARM emulator).

Dell Venue 7
Dell Venue 8
Asus Memo Pad 7
Asus Zenfone 5
Asus Zenfone 6
Asus Fonepad 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 & P5210
Acer Iconia A1-830
Acer Iconia One 7 B1-730
Asus PadFone mini
LG L80 Dual (16.10.14)

– added stream compatibility improvements
– fixed crash if audio metadata is corrupt (27.09.14)

–  Added support for Android x86 devices (16.09.14)

–  Some optimization and fixed issue with Android OS version under 4.x occurs when hiding soft buttons. (08.09.14)

– added fast close soft control buttons in player during playback if you touch again screen (user request)
– fixed fullscreen on android devices with Soft navigation buttons (user reported)
– fixed autostart vod during pause, issue when buffer is full, when VOD stream is paused (user reported)

– fixed issues with rtmp link parse (user reported bug)
– fixed issue during rotation while loading video


New features:
– In Settings: ability to choose display orientation Auto, Landscape, Portrait
– Ability to add channel icons and group names in M3U playlist ( support for #IMG and #GRP tags in #EXTINF definition)
– Ability to attach local images for channel icons
– Ability to paste and play stream URL from clipboard or enter it manually
– On app exit screen: added “Do not show again” checkbox for skipping the exit dialog for app rate
– Cache for channel icons on local storage

– Fixed minor bugs in #IMG in playlist


– Fixed HLS stream buffering
– Fixed video clipping in some cases when screen is rotated


– Fixed bug that caused crash on devices without SD card mounted
– Fixed bug that caused crash on streams with missing metadata
– Fixed not working favorites


– Fixed bug that caused force close when open corrupted M3U File
– Fixed “conn” property for RTMP streams in Media Gateway
– Implemented new M3U Parse engine


– Fixed some minor bugs

Initial version of XMTV Player

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