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–Is there any chance this app will get a recording function? And maybe the option to add EPG sources?
Yes we think in this direction, about recording and EPG, also looking for best way how to implement this functionality.
Regarding recording, we think to add this feature as SAAS. You will be able to schedule time and duration for your record and after record finishing you will be able do download video.

–I recently tried this type of stream on XMTV Player and it failed to connect. OL Player was able to play it, Slim TV too
rtmp:// playpath=0bf02qe6msgtu4s swfUrl= live=1 pageUrl= token=#ed%h0#w18623jsda6523lDGDve

you must add rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw= before mentioned video link, for more info please read

–last question: why is XMTV Player connecting to every time I open it?
This connection is used to exchange some data with app regarding updates, URL optimization, cloud messaging and etc. All information is used just for internal stuff. We do not share with anyone any information.

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