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To be more accurate with the issues description, I want to specify that :

– With “Network Connections” app, I saw like 20 connections from the Xmtv app (I never loaded Xmtv app,it loads at startup background process for himself). Those connection where traced and ip resolved to every kind of strange websites (ad websites or malware websites).The app was taking also a great amount of ram loading all those connections.

– Xmtv player was starting at every phone boot and resides hidden as a process (as stated from Clean Master).
So it loads in background process even if I didn’t open the app.
If I load the app and then I close that, sometimes I see in system processes that the app restarts himself as background service.

– I have also a Minix Android Box that I use sometimes with xmtv to watch live tv streams (the channels list are the same inserted in the Z3 app).
The Minix Box is rooted (the Z3 is not) and with Clean Master I’ve disabled all the futile booting apps, included Xmtv.
So with the Minix, Xmtv player loads only when I open the app,instead loading at boot as process.
In the Minix for the moment I didn’t get the malware Z3 problems (but I use that ocasionally) and I think it didn’t happened because the app don’t loads at startup as process.

– I want to think that the author didn’t put this malware codes for himself….I think that the problem is the Monetizing part o f the code that lets external playlists or links (ads or similar) to be opened in background directly in system web browser.
If that is the case, I think that the app must be checked for limiting the opening of external apps (in html protocol) or web browsers,and also the app must be blocked to start at every machine boot.
The app must load only when the user open it,without residing in memory processes for himself.

For the moment I didn’t trust anymore this app and I don’t think to reinstall…also the fact that Xmtv is disappeared from the Play store,gives me some bad sensation about that,because the more frequent cause of that removal is about bad feedbacks from users or malware content.
I loved this app,and I hope the author reads this post and give some opinion about that.
Finally I want to guarantee that was Xmtv (downloaded from this site) giving the malware issues because after the removal the problem is gone (I’ve removed ONLY Xmtv so I can’t give the guilty to other apps).
Hope for some response!

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