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When I have a bit of time I will send a mail with the same channel list that I used with my phone so u can try it.
Clean Master is an app to clean trash files that can let u see active processes and disable with root active the boot up processes.I mentioned that because I used the app to disable xmtv at boot in my rooted minix.
I mentioned also the appnext malware site but it was one of most that have opened for themselves.there were other malware sites but this one was the most frequent.
I can assure that the problem is caused by xmtv because after a week that the app was removed the malware was gone forever.
My opinion is that some channels list have random video ads (for example some channels from my list randomly starts 30 seconds of video ads) and those ads probably link to some websites in background.
The fact that I have this problem only in my non rooted phone makes me think that if xmtv starts at boot ,the channels list try to link to video ads and it opens ads websites consecutively.

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