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(update : I’ve tried to send this post yesterday before your .28 version but the forum didn’t allowed me to do that. Can u make those test anyway?? thanks)

Hi admin.
I’ve decided to continue writing in forum for me is much faster….

So…I’ve uploaded my tv channels list at this link =

download list

…u can download it,then copy and paste the channels in your app.

I’ll reccomend you to those steps =

1- download the Network Connections app in the store at this link : network connections

2- Then open some channels in my list until a video ads of 30 secs will appear (if u want u can skip this test but in my opinion if the video ads opens the probability of spread of malicious links can raise).

3- Don’t activate the “disable events” check in Xmtv and reboot your terminal.

4- When your android restarts, open up Network Connections and start a LIVE CAPTURE,then let the system run….if the infection has spreaded, u see that because your web browser starts to open himself with malicious sites.
However if it don’t happens,after some minutes reopen Network Connections,stop the live capture and see how many connections Xmtv has established.U see like 20 connections to various ip (u can resolve them inside Network Connections app himself) and see the the most are strange malicious sites.

So this is the best way I can help u.
I think that the problem must be solved even if checking “disable events” prevent the infection.
I think the infection will spread in this way =

Xmtv starts videos ads > the links to ads were activated > the links will start to open up html connections to malicious sites even in background

So I think u need to correct the app code to prevent Xmtv to send those html request to the android web browser.In this way even if ads links want to start,there were no way they can do that. Leaving open the html requests from video channels or lists,will put the app open to spread html ads infection.

Also I want to ask if it possible to add an import/export command to import and export channels list,to avoid every time to copy/paste links.

For the moment I will wait your tests. I wait the next app release to be posted with those modifications.
I don’t wanna risk anymore to harm my phone until I know for sure that the ads starting from video feeds will be blocked from starting html traffic.

Thanks for your help!

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