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I will update the situation with .28 version.

For making this test I’ve installed the app on the Minix Box (the rooted one with the Xmtv app disabled at system boot).

Today I’ve downloaded from your site the .28 version (when installed in the app “about us” it says .29 version anyway).

After I’ve installed the app,and gone to options and disabled events, after 3 seconds my web browser started from himself to open malicious websites!!

I closed all,then opened Xmtv and loaded one channel in my list “”.
Xmtv started buffering then after 3 seconds the web browser opened for himself with malicious sites.

So finally my thinking is that some channels lists,opens web ads for themselves and even with “disable events” checked,Xmtv sends those requests to Android system.

The only way to prevent Xmtv to give access to malicious content,is to modify the code so when those channels list are requesting http traffic for ads websites,Xmtv stops them from sending those requests to Android system.
If the app will be not modified in this way,Xmtv will leave opened doors to malicius content!!

I hope the author reads my post!

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