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Hi XMTV Team, I have already done in my plugin php response encryption, kind of repository with list,urls,and other stuff are pulled out from my database on the fly. Encryption key is generated each time app request for list.
Then its passed as few strings o xmtv plugin then its decoded once again.
And finally Encryption key + DB is decoded revealing correct list.

:) I know that its more complicated but not easy to find actual url of stream this way :)

Regarding encrypting video files its only one way to do it.
VPS with HTTPS, and VPS request via API to download stream on VPS then encrypt and send response to player.
Then Player will decrypt it on the fly but it take some resources over it.

Its easier as i did, url database on server, api with encryption, then load list and decrypt it in XMTV Plugin,
how do You think?

I have tried xmtv:// option – work well as expected.

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