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Thank you for replying, and I apologize for not having been clear enough..
what I wanted to explain is a feature (which is also in Wiseplay) that if a link


is not direct but hosts the playable link:

rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw=rtmp:// playpath=trymobilech5?id=37812&pk=a0f754604c6bafb2cf447b75c33a9560d31354df7538d9e27b81151cc262c437 swfUrl= live=1 pageUrl= Conn=S:OK

(this link can’t be played by XMTV Player because of the “pk=” key.. but this is another story)

can be played anyway by Wiseplay only having this informations:



so it will extract and play the rtmpOPT link
is it possible to implement this also in XMTV Player?

thank you and cheers :)!

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