how to call player with securetoken system ??

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    I want to develop an app for Android for to see some tv channels with XMTV Player.

    Some channels have a “securetoken” system for to view streaming and I don’t know how to do it

    This is JavaScript code that I need to re-produce:

    function setStream(oData){
    primary: ‘flash’,
    type: ‘rtmp’,
    streamer: ‘rtmp://′,
    file: ‘plus-estrenos_9qlmanp’,
    skin: ‘glow’,
    stretching: ‘exactfit’,
    autostart: true,
    rtmp: {
    securetoken: wowk

    I know the value of “wowk” variable, but I don’t know how to call XMTV Player and send the correct parameters.
    Can you help me about it ??

    Many thanks



    Hi @sergio,
    sorry for delayed response, you can use rtmp format for xmtv player to play this streams. Here is the sample how to build your link:

    rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw=rtmp:// playpath=ef18hollywood swfUrl= live=1 pageUrl= conn=S:OK live=1 token=SomeToken

    More info you can read it here : or just send email to us.

    Kind Regards
    XMTV Player team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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