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    libhoudini is a proprietary ARM translation layer for x86 powered Android devices. It allows an app that have the NDK binaries for ARM, but not x86 has to still run on x86 hardware, but not so quickly, as it would be with native x86 binaries.
    The bad news is that the test suite that we make takes about three times as long when use libhoudini translator against native x86 libraries, to be faster and optimized we decide to build native x86 libraries for XMTV Player, that get a little more space but decoding is much faster.  While working on that I met some problems with Intel based devices that have installed libhoudini, some of my libraries use shared libraries and in this case all depend of path where they will be searched. In my case I look for CPU info executing /proc/cpuinfo from app which returns that OS is running under ARM CPU (running command from adb shell return real data that CPU is Intel Atom) and I start loading library for ARM, trying to load shared libssl for Intel, because it’s was in first place in search path (LD_LIBRARY_PATH). In this case, the library will not work and only way to fix this issue was to find is that device have installed libhoudini library and start loading native x86 library.


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