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    I am Android apps developer My new project is TV app

    httpopt://http-raw=rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw=rtmpe:// swfUrl= live=1 pageUrl= token=Fo5-n0w?U.rA6l3-70w47ch playpath=sskys4

    This link is not working in my app
    but this link is working in pc therefore please help me to works this link direcly in to XMTV Player
    That means this link just click that time open xmtv player direcly and play this tv link
    other wise user not installed xmtv player please help to give a messege like ” xmtv player is not installed. please install xmtv player”

    Please help me
    waiting for valuable replay….



    What is the original embed url page ?



    Hi there, as we all know links especially rtmp will require spaces special characters etc, would be any easier if You could just encode whole string of rtmp or http into base64 and in your app just pass something simple as torrent or other clients use?
    for example:

    We have an Android Studio Project with WebView – dynamicaly loaded from our webhost, and links are pulled from our database, as user will click on any of links,

    <a href="xmtv://SGsldxgjkaSFASlfsf=="> Play Stream 1</a>

    Would open XMTVPlayer directly from website?
    Is it any chance it can happen?
    Some kind of praser base64 decode links and play afterwards?
    Regards, SuperUser.

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    Hi we are open to implement it. We will start working this days and will publish update with changes as NightBuild for tests before publish it on stores.

    Kind Regards
    XMTV Team



    Great support, im looking forward to check it out.

    In this case i hope you will get a lot more users using Your player. And i have project in my minds to do. As soon as this option will be implemented. I will proceed with plugin development.

    Once again thank You so much.
    This is greatest player i have ever seen.

    Also i will help You with translation. Polish and Slovak.



    Hi SuperUser, you can find requested feature here Downloads- NightBuild and some info howto is added in Development API.
    There is also a option to pass Title as secodoary parameter in link. What thing about option to add xmtvs://, where video links will be encrypted in link and app will decrypt them?
    Please let me know if app work as expected.



    Hi XMTV Team, I have already done in my plugin php response encryption, kind of repository with list,urls,and other stuff are pulled out from my database on the fly. Encryption key is generated each time app request for list.
    Then its passed as few strings o xmtv plugin then its decoded once again.
    And finally Encryption key + DB is decoded revealing correct list.

    :) I know that its more complicated but not easy to find actual url of stream this way :)

    Regarding encrypting video files its only one way to do it.
    VPS with HTTPS, and VPS request via API to download stream on VPS then encrypt and send response to player.
    Then Player will decrypt it on the fly but it take some resources over it.

    Its easier as i did, url database on server, api with encryption, then load list and decrypt it in XMTV Plugin,
    how do You think?

    I have tried xmtv:// option – work well as expected.



    Encryption of playlist is good and light solution :), I think that this will keep video url safe and away from the eyes of ppl.
    If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind Regards



    Hi again, xmtvs:// option would be usefull if you could implement it with additional function for setting secure key/token inside plugin apk, so those links are decrypted in memory using custom made string to decode.

    Passing token decryption over net is not secure at all, but if it is inside plugin apk its more secure.

    That would be usefull too. I have tried it does work but still i need to pass it over net with i wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

    Base64 its easy to decode but combining it with secure custom made token inside plugin apk it make sense.



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