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    Dear support, another issue found as i play rtsp links.
    There is a story, all links are generated via php api to buttons on my php server.
    as i click play button on rtsp link, xmtv player fires up, starts connecting but after a while just as it starts buffering (really it doesnt buffer just show buffering popup)
    it suddenly quits.

    Does any one had an issue with such us links?

    Other Issue is with:
    xmtv:// links.

    Some links have special “?” question mark sign some of mines has in tokens.
    as we convert it to base64 it shows for example xmtv://aspPsls/skSLsl==

    As we know, or you have not tried yet to build website if we do simple redirect it opens new window, with xmtv link in browser, what ever you will play it will show website is unavaliable, i have tried to do header location method in php but wont work, so i have found work around with iframes.
    And Nice background with message Your stream is just playing.

    and xmtv player show up well on non slash (base64 ? signs)
    eg. xmtv://lalsSas$asx==

    but i can not make it play when it comes to:
    eg. xmtv://lals/Sas$asx==

    I would be very happy if you could make some changes perhabs urlencode first then base64 instead. That are my thoughts and that would help.

    Thanks for your time, let me know if i could help somehow,
    Regards, SuperUser.



    Hi Super user,
    Thanks for reports, regarding xmtv:// in next version of app we will add option to pass base64 in URL encoded format. This must fix that issue.

    after fix you will be able to pass it like link below

    about rtsp will be great if you can send me some video link that cause this issue.




    Dear, Support
    I would like you to send an link, but in private if possible. I am working at the moment but will send you one, just email me on this email ( and i will get back to You with it ASAP.
    Thanks, SuperUser.



    Hi SuperUser, I just now send you email.



    Hi SuperUser,
    please test night build, there is fix for xmtv:// which now accept xmtv://UrlEcode(Base64(String)) Release 2015-09-09
    – fixed m3u8 hls video with bandwidth options user-agent bug
    – EXTVLCOPT Accept normal and encoded data
    – user-agent must be passed as encoded string (only if passed in one row)
    – keep screen on during video connection
    – fixed issue if turn off screen during stream loading
    – xmtv:// accept url encoded base64 video link from



    Dear Support.
    Thanks for the fix, I will check It later on this week, and will post results how it plays now with new night build.
    Regards, SuperUser.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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