Samsung, Movistar will try pilot VR experience for El Clásico

Telefónica’s Movistar+ and Samsung are to launch a virtual reality (VR) pilot experience during today’s El Clásico football match.

During the Barcelona vs Real Madrid game, Movistar + will broadcast the trial live feed for Samsung VR Gear devices. A specially designed application will enable viewers to sit in a virtual place in Camp Nou stadium and choose between three different points during the game.

In addition to viewing, Samsung VR VR Gear users will have access to a regular signal Movistar + and live stats during the game.
As a MediaPro production of 4K signal of El Clásico, which is to stream to the world in partnership with NeuLion, pay tv platform, Telefónica has also announced the Ultra HD broadcast for subscribers to IPTV.