Integrate with Adiquity and realize the true potential of your apps
AdIQuity offers the best-in-class ad integration options for mobile app developers across platforms. As online video content publishing has become more common, video publishers have sought to monetize their content with banners and in-­stream video advertising. XMTV Player supports VAST 2.0 and implement banner ads over video, on next stage in-line video ads will become available.

This section is dedicated to all who wish to develop and monetize using the XMTV Player.

In order for you to make a profit from your work we have managed to implement options for you to put advertisements that will show over the video.  The only thing that you need to do, to be able to use these options, is to register with AdIQuity, an excellent ad provider which we trust.


Up to $10 eCPM for your inventory with Video Ads

Benefits for App Developers and Publishers:

– Achieve Maximum Monetization with high engagement rates

– Convenient and simple integration for mobile content

– Provide Rich Experience to your users


To implement the ad support you need you follow these steps:

1. Register account with AdIQuity

2. Get advertisement ID for your app

3. Fill the following form and email it to us:

Package name
URL to your app
AdIQuitty ID
AdIQuitty registered email


4. You will receive an ID which you can pass as a parameter when using the XMTV Player from your app or plugin

5. Starting a video content, using our player, in your app will require you to add the following code as [bundle] parameters in the  [intent]

bundle.putString("adszone", <id returned from us>);
bundle.putInt("adstime", <time that ad won't be able to be closed from the user>);

//----- "adstime" can be used for banner ads ONLY!! ------</time></id>
	 * @param Title - Media Name
	 * @param uri - path/url to media
	public void XMTVPlayerPlayUri(String Title,String uri){
	    // [String]  adszone -  get zone id after filling form. 
	    // [Integer] adstime -  how long ad will stay before user will able to close it, value is in seconds.
		Bundle bnd = new Bundle();
		bnd.putString("path", uri);
		bnd.putString("name", Title);
		bnd.putString("adszone", "15E56089-CB15-4AA7-8D1B-574E899DE009"); // change adszone with your own id.
		Intent intent = new Intent();
		startActivityForResult(intent, 100);

6. Enjoy and get PAID 🙂

For questions, ideas, bug report  please use forum

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