China imposes online registration with real names

China will ban from March 1, the use of pseudonyms on the Internet and will require the use of real names foronline registrations, reports Reuters.
The announcement was made by Chinese Internet police.

China has long wished to impose the measure, as did similar attempts before, but with varying degrees of success.

The ban on aliases include accounts that are presented for governmental institutions, such as the anti-corruption agency as well as their agency news the People’s Daily, accounts, pretending to be leaders of other countries, such as US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin and others.

Many users of social networks create parodijni accounts of celebrities and institutions.

The new regulations are part of efforts to enforce the registrations with the real names of Internet users and to stop the spread of rumors on the net.

The Chinese Government enjoys one of the most complex mechanisms for online censorship, known as thegreat wall of China. Monitor closely what can be posted online-especially for materials which may underminethe authority of the Communist Party.