Cool Gadgets-3D Printers

As the man is heading towards technology, his tasks have been more dependent on “Machines” that perform work in a much efficient way. Obtaining a ditto copy of the sample is now just a matter of minutes. 3D printing is no more a dream in the advancing technology era.


“3D printing is a process of additive manufacturing technology where a 3 dimensional object is manufactured by laying down successive layers of different materials. It is also recognized as rapid prototyping.”

GiziMate Does it All

GiziMate is one of the major releases of the year. Using this printer, Gizmo 3D claims to build a 6-inch x 3-inch x 1-inch object in merely Six minutes. The company names this printing as “animated printing” and is concerned to make the speed even faster, producing the best copy of the original object. A little bit modifications can also be made in printer like you can go for adding a heater that will cost you almost $50 or $40 (depending upon electronic or silicone heater).  The heater can be attached into the vat and it uses its own separate power supply, without influencing any other part. The printer is capable of two USB inputs and one HDMI input.  One of the USB port is used to control the printer while the second one can be used to attach a camera or whatever you want. Whereas, the HDMI port is for displaying images via projector screen. The printer costs you $2500 to $3200.


One of the fastest ways that 3D printing has revolutionized the modern industry is through enhanced efficiency. The interesting thing about 3D printing technology is that it is additive instead of subtractive. Means that it forms or prints the object by transforming successive layers of substance instead of cutting a block and wasting the trash. This is an efficient way that also saves the raw material, unlike cutting where rest of the material is discarded.


Recently a company from New Zealand has created a tiny cordless drill machine using 3D printing (GiziMate printer) that’s completely functional. The drill is just half an inch long. Powered by a hearing aid battery, this tool bears hand-soldered electronics inside.  The company aims to print a drill that is even smaller than the existing one.

Some Other Remarkable Creations

Many printers are available in the market with various price ranges. The top 3-D printers of this year are Cube 3D, CEL Robox,  Mini Kossel,  Formlabs Form 1,  MakerBot Replicator,  Ultimaker 2,  Pegasus Touch Printer.


So using the latest 3D printing techniques, one can save much of its time, especially the spare part manufacturers that will have a positive impact on the modern industry in the coming era.