Google Glass—an Insight

Google glass can be considered as a revolutionary gadget which changed the perspective of wearable devices. It is actually a gadget which acts as add to your smartphone screen, essentially aiding you to perform small tasks. It looks like a pair of glasses. It is much like a beta edition on an international level and was created to generate a spark of interest among the people.

Google glass enables you to perform a voice search. In addition to that you can conveniently find directions while going for a drive or a walk with the help of Google glass.
Google glass has an exciting and a notable feature that is taking pictures on the go. You get to take pictures and videos from your Google glass through Google+. This device also starts the Google hangout session, making you available for your contacts as soon as you activate this device. You can also accept phone calls on this device, send texts look for search results such as weather reports and also hook into third party apps.

google glass

How does it connect with your mobile phone?
Essentially, Google glass isn’t a phone, but it uses a Bluetooth or WIFI to connect to your phone. In addition to that glass can be used on the home WIFI networks as well.
The potential buyers
Currently Google glass has been delivered to a few developers who have purchased this device at a price of $1500 and so on. In addition to that, several people have also received a Google glass as a result of their social campaign on the social-networks.

The outlook of Google glass
It is basically a pair of rimless glasses having a sturdy stem and a rectangular extension on one side right in front of the lens. The nose pads are comfortable and the adjustable arms also provide extra convenience. It also holds a power button, a speaker, a light which is used for indication, a micro-USB charging port and a camera button.
The battery for this device will be adjusted easily and lets you operate with its touch sensitive navigation pad.

Future for Google glass
Earlier this year, Google has brought its explorer program for Glass to a halt. For the current owners of Google glass, the working will still be available, but no software updates will be provided. A new version of Glass might be released by Google later this year. The gist behind this explorers program was to see how the users would respond to technology. After getting the required reviews, Google decided to shut the program down to work on the updated versions of Google glass.