Google launches a manual approval process for apps and new content rating system

Google makes some changes in Google Play Store today. Apps and games will soon carry out the content rating data, so the parents can be more informed about it and what their children have access. Google also announced that it will do manual review for applications.

Rating systems will be based on regional standards. So in North America this is the ESRB system, in Europe and MiddleEast it is the PEGI, USK in Germany and so on. The age scale (A) will be used for countries that do not have built system software rating. Developers will need to enter in the console and to finish filling out the survey for the contents of the application. These assessments will start to appear in the next few weeks.

Google’s blog post includes a second notification, I know it sounds strange at first glance, Google already has people who will make the manual review of applications before they are published. Google has been doing this for several weeks. This is not an entirely manual process, relying on automated systems to filter down which applications will be reviewed by a human. Google said that it will remain faithful to this that after the publication of application it will be out for a few hours, will also have a more detailed description of the status of the application, as well as what changes to make to the application of the rules.