International Consumer Electronics Show’15

International Consumer Electronics Show’15

Technology events are always an attraction for consumers and technology giants themse lves as well. Often technology events are glittered with surprise releases and display of amazing gadgets from the leading names in the technology world. One of the kinds is the International Consumer Electronics Show (ICES). CES is held every year, in January in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, in  the United States. International Consumer Electronics Show caters more than 150,000 addicts of technology and 4000 plus exhibitors. The event is known all around the world for facilitating technology announcements and for hosting previews, that too by the brands people love to hear from. CES is also considered as one of the must attend events of technology.


This year the event began on 5th January with a press day, the tradition of CES. The day was honored by words from the President and CEO of Samsung Electronics; Keun Yoon and Chairman and Head of Mercedes; Dieter Zetsche. This year the event officially took place from the 6th to the 9th of January 2015.

Leading names in technology, including Sony LG, Sharp, Samsung Electronics and other announced their newborn technologies at the four day event in Las Vegas. The technology event is said to cover 2 million sq. ft. across three locations and every inch crowded with human feet all over. The locations were divided into specific dimensions of technology. ARIA catered regions of social media, brand marketing and marketers and advertising agencies. Tech West focused on customer, press and decision makers while Tech East was meant to target wireless gaming, automotive and audio regions. One out of many announcements, which drew attention was the announcement of S6 by Samsung Electronics. Further amazements included LG displaying its LG G Flex 2, new fancy wearable by Misfit, concept of Mercedes Benz D 015 and many others filled the event with joy and astonishment.


Almost all the biggest  names in technology were represented in the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015. Such events are considered as a healthy activity, to show cast your technology and newbies on a grand level and for knowing what your competitors are working on, promoting a positive aura in the industry.

Like the traditional events of Las Vegas, CES was too about fun, glamor and enjoyment. The show witnessed great announcements from Samsung Electronics, LG, Toshiba, HDR, Kodak and more. Toshiba introduced its robotic hostess named ChihiraAico and SmartThings by Samsung Electronics added to the glory of the

CES 2015 was a huge success with many new tremendous technologies to now wonder about.