National Robotics Week

The 2015 National Robotics Week will be held from 4th April to 12th April. It is the 6th annual celebration of all the things automated. This event is scheduled nationwide for showcasing the increasing significance of robots in the United States. The IRIM, (Institute for Robotics & Intelligent Machines) will host its own event. This event will feature tours of labs and demos of robots on campus, on 8th April, Wednesday, 2015.


The students attending both the afternoon and morning sessions will tour various robotics labs and these sessions will not be duplicated.​The time schedule for this event is given as follows.

  • 9:00am – Student will start to check-in for tours
  • 9:30am – Morning Session will be held
  • 11:45am- Lunch will take place at the Klaus Atrium
  • 12:45pm-The Tours Begins
  • 1:00pm- Afternoon Session
  • 3:00pm- Event will be concluded

Details of Registration

  • Since registration for this event is limited, hence submissions will be accepted on a first served and first come basis. Interested students are requested to complete the registration as early as possible to make sure that the group of students can be accommodated.
  • As the registration reaches the maximum number of participants, the registration form will be turned off. However, if someone is still interested, then they are welcome to contact the team via mail and can place your name on the waiting list.

  • The campus is not able to accommodate those students who are enrolled in K-5 or pre-K programs, or students who have not yet reached pre-K age.

Required Forms Details

For attending this event, all the students must have a legal guardian or parents to complete a Model Release Form, which is related to the use of videos and photograph footage taken during the event and a Parental Release Form, which is related to liability. Moreover, Chaperones should also fill the Model Release Form. All these forms will be emailed, collected and scanned in one file to IRIM before to the event.

Attire and Transportation Details

It does not matter that whether you are signing up for both or just one tour sessions, outdoor walking is an essential element of this event. Make sure to wear comfortable dress and shoes for the weather. There is also a facility of transportation, which will be given to some of the remote tour locations on the campus.