YouTube added panoramic video

The panoramic video streaming is already available on YouTube. Users can upload and watch videos shot with a 360-degree viewing angle.
Watching the panoramic video possible on Mobile Android devices using the YouTube application.
When turning on your Smartphone or tablet in different directions changing the viewing angle and the user sees what is happening around the operator during filming.
PC users may take advantage of the capabilities of the Chrome browser, changing the viewing angle using the mouse, but the effect is weaker than the mobile devices. Google promises to offer the same functionality forusers of the iPhone and iPad.
The Internet company collaborates with experts from the industry, to facilitate the process of creating anduploading a panoramic video clips on YouTube. Currently, such videos can be recorded with sphericalcameras like the Giroptic, Allie 360cam of IC Real Tech, SP360 of Kodak and Theta of Ricoh.