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You should know that XMTV Player by itself does not store any real data for streams. When an URI is requested through player, author of that playlist or addon is responsible for content provided by that addon.

You need to install XMTV Player application before all others

XMTVCast for Chromecast

XMTV Cast Beta 1.10 for Chromecast

XMTVCast Plugins
XMTVCast for Chromecast
Change log:
ver 1.10 (21-10-2016)
– Added fixes which cause latest Chromecast Firmware version 1.21.74816
– Added m3u8 discover option, this allow to play some TS streams as m3u8 (HLS)ver 1.9 (21-09-2016)
– fixed issue with crash on next app start
ver 1.8 (08-04-2016)
– added support for new supported streams in XMTV Player
ver 1.7 (15-03-2016)
– fixed stability issues of some servers which have slow response time (laggy)
– autodetect container format if server missed to send correct MimeType
– allowed landscape/portrait mode
ver 1.6 (19-01-2016)
– now XMTVCast is running as a service in background. This will allow you to switch off your device’s screen or just switch to another app without need to interrupt video cast playback.
ver 1.5 (21-12-2015)
Fixed some compatibility issues with Chromecast
ver 1.4 (11-09-2015)
– optimized cast streaming engine
ver 1.3
– rebuild APK with minimum required Android version 4.0.3
– fixed issue with discovery chromecast devices on android 4.x
– optimized cast service
XMTV Player Minimum Version
Google Play  Not available
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As it’s name says this is a plugin that allows XMTV Player to cast streams to Google ChromeCast devices. It’s still beta, so don’t expect too much from it. For now it can cast HLS streams (.m3u8) only and is available for testing purposes.

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