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Microsoft announced a net profit of + 5.86 billion dollars

Microsoft announced a net profit of + 5.86 billion dollars for the second fiscal quarter of 2014, taking into account the decline of 10% on annual basis.
The revenues of the American technology giant have risen by 8 percent, from 24,52 billion dollars a year earlier to 26,47 billion, surrendered the world agencies, quoted by BNA.
The results that generally correspond to the expectations of analysts, reflect the costs of restructuring, closure of the jobs and the acquisition of the Nokia last year, as well as a slowdown in sales of Office software.
The latter is due to the shift of consumers from traditional software packages to the so-called. cloud services,notes the DPA.
Naked e mite jumps in sales of tablets and Smartphones Surface Lumia however are pushed quarterlyearnings above expectations, the associated press and AFP.
Last week, Microsoft unveiled its latest Windows operating system 10, whose consumer version will probablyappear later in the year.