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“Zombie” applications are over 80%

Smartphone users can choose from millions of apps, but most are never seen by the general public.
About 83% of the applications can be defined as “zombie” applications, according to a study the company’sanalysis of the mobile sector Adjust forward DPA, quoted by BNA.

The study applies this term to applications that do not appear in the list of the most popular programs instore for applications on Apple in one third of the days on which they are offered.

The number of available apps at the end of 2014 was 1.4 million. With an increasingly large number ofavailable apps, the number of these “zombies” are also growing fast.

Applications can be searched by categories such as productivity“, “navigation” or “time”. Depending on the category, however, it is quite difficult for the developers to get their applications in the list of most wanted.

The study of the annexes “zombieestablishes that categories such as “business“,performance” and “gamesare dominated by a few international successful applications and it is extremely difficult for newerapplications to be discovered by users.

In other categories such as “navigation, “sport” and “time” competition is not that big and there is less“zombies“.

Shop for applications on Apple trying to manage the flow of programs through recommendations and listswith specially selected applications, but so far no particular result.

In any event, the application stores are no longer the first choice of consumers when they discover new application, according to the survey. Customers are influenced more by the information in the media and the recommendations of friends.

The advertising also plays a big role in the battle for the screens of smartphones, notes the study.