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Digital Tag Heuer Carrera Black will be Android-smart clock

Tag Heuer will be the first Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches, which will use the mobile software platform of Google, called Android Wear – so you IT giant Strikes Apple Watch Edition? Announced a year ago, the software Google’s Android Wear is now available for half a dozen different smart watches, with prices ranging from 200 to $ 300. All these smart watches, whether Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch R or Sony SmartWatch 3 are made by traditional manufacturers of consumer electronics and smartphones. Now Google announced its partnership with the Swiss watch company Tag Heuer, which will put the software Android Wear in luxury watches for the first time. Best known for its analog chronographs and sponsorship of Formula 1 and other sports events, Tag Heuer is one of the largest Swiss watch companies. The range of watches of the brand with prices ranging from just under a thousand dollars to five-figure sums. Part of the announcement of the partnership include Intel, which will assist Tag Heuer internal components and sensors for smart watches. Previously, Android Wear clocks using Qualcomm or Texas Instruments processors so that versions of Tag Heuer will be among the first to use Intel chips. Companies do not provide specific data for clock (or clocks) that will result from this partnership, nor say how much it will cost and when it will be available. A report by Reuters said that the clock will be “digital replica of the original Tag Heuer Carrera Black (known for its bulky and sporty design) and will look like the original. The sudden entry of Android Wear market of luxury watches may seem to some as a knee-jerk reaction against Google’s luxury watches of Apple, which have gold versions of over $ 10,000, but David Singleton, engineering director of Google’s Android Wear, says that negotiations between Google and Tag Heuer started well before Android Wear to launch last March

PayPal will not serve customers in Crimea, Google stops services

American payment system PayPal announced today that stops to serve customers on the territory of Crimea.Google will limit the number of their services on the peninsula.
As a global company providing financial services, we are doing everything possible to uphold the law around the world. At the same time, we are obliged to constantly provide our customers a high level of service.Unfortunately we can’t provide their services to customers in the Crimea. We offer apologies for any inconvenience associated with this, “says the message.
The payment system PayPal is a subsidiary of the American company for online commerce and eBay allows you to pay bills and make purchases in online stores.
Currently, PayPal has over 100 million active users in 190 countries around the world and works with 25 world currencies.
Google restricts access to a number of Google services
The restrictions affect online advertising services Google AdWords and the Google AdSense program, as the company is forbidden to pay anyone in the Crimea, which is now technically impossible, because many international banks have stopped payments, shared source from the company in front of TASS.
From February 1, the restrictions will affect the applications Google Play, as the uploading of applicationsconsidered for export. Retain access to free services like Google search, Gmail and mail map service.
Recently, the United States and the EU introduced sanctions against the Crimea. As we are an American company, we are obliged to obey them, indicated by the press service of the company.
Google will offer wireless Internet

WSJ: Google will offer wireless Internet

The American technology giant Google is preparing to offer a service for wireless access to the Internet, writesin the Wall Street Journal.
According to sources of the release, Google will begin to carry out those plans, after concluding the relevant agreements with the big American telecommunications company Sprint and with the European T-Mobileforward TASS, quoted by BNA.
A similar move by Google probably will force other companies offering wireless Internet, to lower prices andimprove the quality of the relationship, noted the Wall Street Journal.