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UK Technology Event 2015

UK Digital 2015 is going to be the biggest event yet in its history as more than 2000 delegates descend in June on the Celtic Manor Resort. Billed as an event of technology and event, insight and inspiration, the UK technology event 2015 will see the leading lights from the global technology scene descend on Wales to display the latest technological innovations and thinking that are shaping future world.


With the current Tech Nation report announcing South Wales as the 5th fastest growing technological economy in the Unite Kingdom, the event will strengthen the Wales’ position as a main player on the international as well as domestic technology map and will bring together a community of creators, innovators and leaders.

The 2 day event on 8th and 9th June will mainly based on 4 distinct themes that will run across both days. These 4 themes include digital showcase, digital innovation, digital entrepreneurs and digital skills. Trends include, social, digital and mobile trends, the application and collection of data, cyber security, internet of things and wearables will also be displayed to bring to life the technology that is nowadays changing the workplace and the environment around us.

The Digital event 2015 will also focus on how these online technologies are being used within various industries, including finance, health, entertainment, media and sport. This event will bring together more than 2000 selected delegates from all the corners of the digital economy.

Networking opportunities, skill workshops, keynote talks, panel debates and fringe events underpin the event, which is also going to unpack the extent to which technology is serving as an enabler and transcending boundaries across all sectors of industry.

The organizers will poll hundreds of tech leaders or innovators over the coming days before unveiling the Future Five at the event. The “future five term” refers to the five technologies or trends that are set to revolutionize how we play, work and live.

Over the coming weeks, more than 100 speakers are set to be announced and promise to be key players in the field of innovation and technology, each hoping to inspire young people and businesses to take benefit of the opportunities provided by technology.

Last year, this event included speakers from world leading brands such as Telefonica, Vodafone, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, as well as indigenous organisations including Alacrity, Hiut Denim  and WePredict take to the stage.


Microsoft announced a net profit of + 5.86 billion dollars

Microsoft announced a net profit of + 5.86 billion dollars for the second fiscal quarter of 2014, taking into account the decline of 10% on annual basis.
The revenues of the American technology giant have risen by 8 percent, from 24,52 billion dollars a year earlier to 26,47 billion, surrendered the world agencies, quoted by BNA.
The results that generally correspond to the expectations of analysts, reflect the costs of restructuring, closure of the jobs and the acquisition of the Nokia last year, as well as a slowdown in sales of Office software.
The latter is due to the shift of consumers from traditional software packages to the so-called. cloud services,notes the DPA.
Naked e mite jumps in sales of tablets and Smartphones Surface Lumia however are pushed quarterlyearnings above expectations, the associated press and AFP.
Last week, Microsoft unveiled its latest Windows operating system 10, whose consumer version will probablyappear later in the year.