Use XMTV Player as external players with Kodi on Android

Here is step-by-step example how to use XMTV Player with Kodi on Android.

1.¬†Create a new plain text file “playercorefactory.xml”¬†using a text editor and copy the contents of following snipet:

                <player name="XMTVPlayer" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
        <rules action="prepend">
                <rule protocols="httphost" player="XMTVPlayer"></rule>
                <rule protocols="rtmp" player="XMTVPlayer"></rule>
                <rule protocols="ace" player="XMTVPlayer"></rule>
                <rule protocols="acestream" player="XMTVPlayer"></rule>
                <rule internetstream="true" player="XMTVPlayer"></rule>

2. Save this file as playercorefactory.xml in your userdata folder and reboot Kodi if it is still open. You should now be done.

Location of userdata folder on Android is:


More information:

  • External players – for full details on playercorefactory.xml and all the possible parameters.

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