XMTV Payer on Windows (BlueStacks)

You want to use XMTV Player on Windows, but Genymotion is too big, installation and configuration are too complicated?

BlueStacks is another alternative for using  on Windows. It’s free (but shows some ads and asks you to install apps instead of payment),  does not require registration and is available for download here. It’s small and installs quick and simple.

Step 1

After downloading run the installation file and installation should begin:


You can leave the options on following screens unchanged, just click “Next”:



Installation is now running


Step 2

After completion it will start automatically BlueStacks, which will download and initialize additional components:



OK, that’s it – a strange stripped-down version of android in a virtual machine.
By default you won’t see Browser and Settings icons, to access them you need to click “All Apps” in top right corner.


Now is time to install XMTV Player. There are 3 ways – to download it from our website, to set up a Google Play account (yes, BlueStacks has such ability:-)), and to download it on your Windows host. By default BlueStacks installs on the host .apk file handler and can install .apk files directly from the host.

For this test we won’t like to set up Google Play account, so we tried to download XMTV Player from our website. Download completed successfully, but we were unable to install or access downloaded file (seems that BlueStacks does not offer download manager or file manager out of the box, which is strange and stupid). So we used the .apk handler. Downloaded XMTV Player .apk, double clicked it and voila – we have XMTV Player on BlueStacks. Enjoy!



!!! Important !!!
BlueStacks is smaller, quicker and simpler to install, offers some features (.apk handler on the host, support for Google Play) that lack in Genymotion (see article here), but the Android version in it is stripped down. After some use you may notice that it shows some boring advertisements and asks you to install advertised apps or pay for the use. That causes us to think that BlueStacks product is meant for the end users, which want just to run an Android app in Windows, while Genymotion is intended for developers, who need full Android functionality.  That’s why Genymotion has plugins for Android Studio and Eclipse.


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