XMTV Player on Windows (Genymotion)

You like XMTV Player so much and want to have it on your Windows box? Well, it’s written for Android and for now we do not plan to release Windows version. But.. not everything is lost – if your box is powerful enough you can install an emulator, which can create a virtual Android device.

We tested this on middle-class box with Intel i7-3820 and it performed pretty well. If you like to try this approach below we will describe step-by-step how to download, install the emulator and configure it for XMTV Player.


It’s made by Genymobile, a French company which (by our humble opinion) done it’s work great. They offer a free version, you can download it here. It will require registration, that is simple and doesn’t take much time. Before downloading anything it’s good to take a look to terms and conditions.

The best thing of Genymotion is that will allow you to choose from long list of already configured devices, downloadable directly from Genymotion’s site. No need to install Android manually on strange hardware:-)


If yes – are you are OK with system requirements and legal stuff? OK, let’s do it.

Step 1
Genymotion uses VirtualBox to deploy it’s virtual devices, so if you don’t have VirtualBox already installed you should get release that is bundled with VirtualBox go to download page and click Get Genymotion. Else you can click Get Genymotion (without VirtualBox). In both cases it will ask you to  log in. If you still not have registration, do so and download needed installation file.

Step 2
Run the installation file, agree to UAC message (if any) and click “Next” on first installation screen:


Customize installation folder, start menu folder and desktop shortcut (if you want to):




Click “Install” button and installation should begin:


After installing Genymotion it will try to install Oracle VirtualBox. If you have it already installed you will be questioned which version you want to use  – the one that you have or the one from Genymotion installation package. In our case we do not have VirtualBox and installation asks to install it:


Leave VirtualBox features unchanged and click “Next”:


Customize Desktop shortcut and Quick Launch shortcut (if you want to), but leave “Register file associations” checked:


Now it’s time for VirtualBox to install it’s networking components in order to provide our future virtual devices with networking (and especially Internet) access. Click “Next” on this and next screen:


Here you will be asked to confirm installation of networking components. Click “Install” on each of these messages:


Network is ready now. On next 2 screens click “Finish” without changing anything:



Now you should see that Genymotion is starting:


Step 3
Installation is completed, Genymotion is started. So it’s time to configure it in order to deploy a virtual device and install XMTV Player on it. You should see this screen:


Click “Settings”, fill your user name and password for your Genymotion account in General section, click “VirtualBox” and select a folder where you have enough free space. Virtual devices are usually big, you may need about 100-200 MB per device. Confirm your changes with “OK” button:



Now we are ready to select virtual device (already configured or custom, if you are experienced user with knowledge about this matter). It is mandatory to select (or configure) a device that is Android 4.0.? or later, API level 14 or later. It is good also to set it with landscape screen orientation, it will save you to rotate the screen manually later. In this example we will stick to a Motorola Xoom, Android 4.1.1, API 16 and screen resolution 1280x 800:


After clicking “Next” download of configured image will start:


After it completes click “Finish”.  Now we are ready to start the virtual device. Just select it in the list of installed devices and click “Start”:


A new window will open and it will show that Android is loading. Device loading time and performance depends on what is your hardware.


After loading is complete it will look as a standard Android device. Open the browser and point it to http://www.xmtvplayer.com/download


After download is complete you can try to install it. Android (as expected) will pop a message to complain that for security reasons it won’t install apps from unknown sources. OK, not a problem – click “Settings” and enable “Unknown sources”. Device will complain again about security of your device and personal data and other blah, blah.. (personal data? on an empty virtual device? heh…). Just click OK here. Return to Downloads and install it again. Now it should install without problems.

Now you can install add-ons, add playlists and start enjoying XMTV Player on Windows!

 !!! Important !!!
As it is mentioned above performance of your virtual device directly depends on hardware of your computer. If you experience poor video check that you have enough free RAM and CPU computing power.

Also, on some devices available for download from Genymotion for unknown reason you won’t be able to install XMTV Player directly from downloaded files. To workaround this open the file manager, locate XMTV Player installation file and start it from the file manager.

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