XMTVS Protection

XMTVS Links protection is still under development.

XMTVS is a functionality that allows .m3u lists to be encrypted, and finally .m3u list ends as something similar, but links are of type


This way you can make a list which is playable only with XMTV Player and nobody can steal your links easily 🙂
To use this protection mechanism you can use the form at the bottom on this page. You need to put valid .m3u list you wish to protect in “M3U List” field, and a password (5 characters length MINIMUM) in the “Password:” field. Next click “Protect List” button and you’re done, just get the result.

As an additional level of protection XMTV Player will send a token in the web request to your server when user request HLS(m3u8) stream.  At your side you can use our additional security API to check is this token valid or not. Just execute a web request (for example with curl):

> curl -i “http://gtw.vprxy.com:8070/apicheck?ip=ClientIP&token=TOKEN”

where ClientIP is the IP of your client who made this request, and TOKEN is TKN value from http header that XMTV Player sent to your server when content is requested.

As a result you will receive following JSON response:

{“status”:”ok”} valid session


{“status”:”fail”} invalid session

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