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    All settings will be performed from the console,. Assuming that you are connected to the router via ssh under the root.

    First install udpxy:
    opkg update
    opkg install udpxy

    After a successful installation, verify that the udpxy is started:

    This command displays the version of the udpxy and its basic options.

    Proceed to configure itself. In the folder /etc/init.d, create the file udpxy:
    cd /etc/init.d
    vi udpxy

    This file is the startup script udpxy. Learn more about the starting scripts OpenWrt can be found here.
    The contents of our file would be similar to the following:

    #!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
    # Copyright (C) 2010 OpenWrt.org


    IGMP_OPTS=”-a br-lan -m eth1 -p 8888 -M 600″

    start() {
    echo “Starting udpxy”
    start-stop-daemon -S -x $IGMP_BIN -p $PID_F -b -m — $IGMP_OPTS

    stop() {
    echo “Stopping udpxy”
    start-stop-daemon -K -x $IGMP_BIN -q

    To start the service using start-stop-daemon-control utility to start and stop system services. In IGMP_BIN, specify what and where to start, PID_F is where to write the PID that would later follow him could follow, theIGMP_OPTS is set up to run the service.

    Before you specify settings, I advise you to try running udpxy with these settings, and then move them to theconfig, it will help you avoid becoming a victim of typographical errors, and may save a little time.

    Once all settings have been completed, close the file udpxy and run the service team

    /etc/init.d/udpxy start

    Check whether udpxy is started with the command

    ps |grep udpxy

    If you see only one line in, go back to settings and check that you did not. If everything is correct, you should get something like

    1637 root 804 S /usr/bin/udpxy -a br-lan -m eth1 -p 8888 -M 600
    29984 root 1372 S grep udpxy

    You can also open the page in the browser to test that udpxy works.
    Now you can add our Starter script to the startup. To do this, just run the command:

    /etc/init.d/udpxy enable

    After that you should see the/ etc/rc.d directory symbolic link type S99udpxy. Check whether the script has been added to the startup, you can also command

    /etc/init.d/udpxy enabled && echo «enabled»

    If everything is OK you will receive in response enabled.

    It left behind small-create rules for udp traffic:

    config rule
    option src wan
    option proto igmp
    option target ACCEPT
    config rule
    option src wan
    option proto udp
    option dest_ip
    option target ACCEPT

    These rules must be added to the/etc/config/firewall, and then restart the service by using the command:

    /etc/init.d/firewall restart

    You can also reload the router itself that would make sure that all necessary services are started, all working exactly as we intended.
    Now we take the list of channels through an Internet service provider, and all links change as described in themanual to udpxy:


    that is, if you have indicated in the channel list
    rtp://@ 1234
    the output should be

    Then open the channel list in whatever player and enjoy.

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